Elsewhere: Joe Lieberman Leans, Carl Paladino Pries, and Levi Johnston for Mayor?!?!?

Al D’Amato will party with Charlie Rangel

Carl Paladino is prying G.O.P support away from Rick Lazio.

David Paterson suggested finding an alternative spot for the Ground Zero Mosque.

Mayor Bloomberg has dipped below 50% approval rating, for the first time since June 2005.

Shirley Huntley has been receiving death threats.

Reshma Saujani fact-checks Carolyn Maloney, who has been checking Saujani’s facts.

Good for copy alert: Joe Lieberman is leaning toward running for re-election.

Obama is devoting his attention to the midterms.

Levi Johnston will run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and film a reality show about the campaign. Conservatives are not amused.

But a conservative blogger has proposed (in jest, we think) opening a gay bar next to the Cordoba House. Figures on the right and left take it into consideration.

Christopher Hitchens is in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque

Azi gets a heads-up on this week’s NYT’s Sunday magazine cover story on Cuomo.

The Daily Kos looks at the evidence that Obama is slipping among “the professional left.”

And The Daily Beast looks at former “Real World” stars running for Congress.