Elsewhere: White House Mum on Mosque

Kathleen Rice landed Queens Congressman and head of the county party Joe Crowley.

Michael Allegretti is trying to get on Carl Paladino’s Taxpayer line.

Gov. Paterson would very much like the Assembly to know that they should pass a property tax cap like the Senate did.

Empire State Pride Agenda back three Democrats running in primaries against incumbents.

The Prognosticators give the G.O.P anywhere from a 28 to a 42 seat pickup in the House.

Ray Kelly took five flights to Florida on Bloomberg’s private plane.

The White House doesn’t have a position on the Ground Zero Mosque.

A G.O.P challenger to Chuck Schumer thinks the mosque will endanger Americans.

Jessica Pressler examines why Kristen Davis left finance for pimpin’.

It’s Primary Day

Carolyn Maloney will skip the Rangel party.

The climate bill is dead.

Elsewhere: White House Mum on Mosque