Glamour Gordita! Jonathan Newhouse Shepherds Condé Further into the Restaurant Business Overseas

The drive to license Condé Nast brands continues! Following the success of a few Condé-branded restaurants in Moscow — Vogue Cafe, GQ Bar and Tatler Club — Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of the publisher’s international arm, will be ramping up collaboration with the restaurant business, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“I think there’s been a new openness in the entire organization to experimenting, trying new things,” Mr. Newhouse told the Journal. Mr. Newhouse is looking to work with restaurateurs in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America in particular.

Glamour gorditas in Mexico City! Traveller tacos in Dubai! Vogue vitamin soup in Hong Kong!

Elsewhere in the Condé Nast family, recently appointed president Bob Sauerberg tells Memo Pad today that he brought in CTO Joe Simon to help “productize” his business. Mr. Newhouse is following the overseas lead of Hugh Hefner, who bragged to The Times earlier this summer that Playboy was one of the main upscale brands in “Red China.”

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