Glamour iPad Launched, Leive Declares it ‘Kicks Ass’

Starting today, Glamour becomes the fourth magazine at Conde Nast that will be available on the iPad and iPod.

And Glamour editor Cindi Leive is happy about this!

“We think we’ve developed a kick ass product with Conde Nast Digital,” she said from her 16th floor office at 4 Times Square on Monday afternoon.

Conde Nast Digital happens to be the same group who brought you GQ and Vanity Fair‘s apps, but not the same group that brought the world Wired and the forthcoming New Yorker app (that’s Adobe).

The app doesn’t have quite the blow-you-away majesty that the Wired app delivered (and delivered with some pretty impressive sale numbers for its June issue), but it’s a solid first try. If you read the magazine in the landscape view on the iPad, there is — violá — a PDF of your September issue of Glamour (by the way, that’s the one with Jennifer Lopez on the cover, which, considering the American Idol rumors, looks like insanely good timing). But if you bring it into portrait view, you get all sorts of iPad-only content (shopping, or, a video in how to apply fake eyelashes!).

It’s a first step, and this is something Ms. Leive readily admits.

“We’re among the first magazines to be out there. I’m sure whatever we do one year from now, five years now, will be pretty different,” she said.

Nevertheless, whatever they get helps, since this will count as a “replica” by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, which means every $3.99 sale counts as another reader for Glamour‘s circ total.

“The reason this is interesting to us, beyond that the fact that everyone and their dog wants to be on the iPad right now, is that there isn’t much out there for women quite yet. Presumably and
hopefully that will change in a year or two. Right now, women seem to buying this at quicker and quicker pace. The ratio of men to women on the iPad seems by all accounts to be narrowing. There are still not that many products for women.”

Sports and games and tech stuff? Got it covered! Basically, she said, “we want to get wisdom sooner rather than later about what our reader would want reading in tablet form.”

We’ll be watching as well.

Glamour iPad Launched, Leive Declares it ‘Kicks Ass’