E-Reading Japanese Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Some Japanese e-reader fans are sidestepping the purchase of actual e-books: they’re digitizing their own libraries, reports The Mainichi Daily News:

Referred to in Japan’s Internet community as “jisui,” (literally “cooking one’s own meals”), the process involves feeding pages of a book through a scanner one by one to turn a work into digital form. Boosting the popularity of personal digitization is the emergence of portable devices such as Apple’s iPad.

This seems sort of charming (“Cooking one’s own meals”! Charming!) until you realize that scanning requires destroying the physical book — one Nagano company “offers a service to cut books into loose pages for 110 yen per copy.” Then it becomes THE DEATH OF PRINT, enacted much more violently than we had previously imagined it.

(via Reading 2.0)