Eye Opener: Bam! Fashion Law and the Ace Hotel

Bill O’Reilly did not mean to appear in scammy ads. [NYT]

Bam! Emeril sells his condo. [WSJ]

Elle offices shuttered due to bedbugs. [NYP]

NPR reporter sasses Bill Clinton, says he had “the mentality of an 18-year-old,” regarding sex. [NYDN]

Plans for St. Vincent’s stalled on birth control talks. [NYT]

Fordham plans to open something called the “Fashion Law Institute.” [WSJ]

People subscribers get their iPad access for free. [NYT]

No News at The New York Times Magazine.” [WWD]

The Ace Hotel creates a short film to advertise itself. [NYT]

Mummified babies, somehow, “linked” to J.M. Barrie. [NYDN]