Eye Opener: Digital Distribution and a Head-Butt

US. to sell F-15s to the Saudis. [WSJ]

Mia Farrow contradicts Naomi Campbell’s testimony at the trial of Chrarles Taylor. [Bloomberg]

Pop-Tarts come to Times Square. [NYT]

John Liu criticizes one of the city’s homeless programs. [NYT]

Five hotels in the Hamptons are for sale. [NYP]

Frustrated UWSer head-butts production assistant shooting a movie on his street. [NYP]

Fergie has some $8 million of debt. [AP]

Joe Biden spent most of his time in Southampton “complaining” because he’s no good at golf. [NYDN]

Sean Coffey was a very active political donor. [WSJ]

Richard Price to pen detective series. [NYT]

Mass-market paperback publisher goes all digital. [WSJ]

New Scientist uses “neuromarketing” to sell its latest issue. [NYT]