Facebook Follies: Let Sleeping Friend Requests Lie

Pasco County Florida resident Harry William Bruder’s Facebook experience was probably ill-advised from the start. It had nothing to do with Bruder’s age or his not-ready-for-primetime appearance; after all, Facebook is home to all walks of life, from handsy extended family members to beloved teammates from your little league team. No, Bruder discovered the hard way that domestic violence injunctions even apply to communication over the Internet. In the eyes of the law, it is inadvisable to friend-request an estranged spouse, especially when the the court order against contact does indeed include any email or instant messaging. It’s also a very bad idea to hack the estranged spouse’s email and change her password after she refuses a second friend request. But the Pasco County Sheriff says Bruder admitted to all these things when questioned about it. Bruder also admitted that he was aware of violating the injunction against him and that his actions were “stupid.” There were no reports of criminal “poking” in this case, but the confluence of social networking and legal action gives hope to anyone who has ever wondered if they could stand the psychological strain of one more Farmville invitation.

[Tampa Tribune]