Fidel Castro: The Energizer Bunny of Old-School Communist Dictators

He may have been at death’s door for a few years earlier this century, but Fidel Castro has returned almost full-force to the public eye in Cuba. Even if his brother Raul is technically the man in charge, Castro is back on TV screens and airwaves all across Cuba as if it is 1964 all over again. Nick Miroff, writing for, explains: 

Fidel has said virtually nothing about Cuba’s domestic problems since his return to public life, even though he spent nearly five decades shaping the island’s now-rickety socialist system.

Instead, he sticks to world affairs, and specifically, the ardent belief that a U.S. and Israeli confrontation with Iran is imminent, and it will lead to an atomic exchange. He convened a special session of Cuba’s parliament over the weekend to discuss the theory, urging delegates to help convince U.S. President Barack Obama not to push the button.

Cubans, Miroff writes, are not the least bit surprised to see Comrade Fidel back in the spotlight. It is as if “the novelty of seeing [Castro] on television again has worn off.” Castro’s voice, Cubans say, “already seemed familiar, as if he’d never left.”