Gordon Ramsay's Restaurants Struggling; Will He Scream Cruelly at Himself?

In a story so sad that it actually includes a quote from his father-in-law about life getting better in the future, Bloomberg has a story on the woes of Gordon Ramsay Holdings International Ltd., the company that includes the star chef’s newer eateries. “While we expect economic conditions to remain challenging,” explains Chris Hutcheson, Mr. Ramsay’s wife’s father (and a business partner), “structural changes that were made early in 2009 within the group leave us well positioned for the future.”

America has been hard on Mr. Ramsay, who is focusing “on his TV career in Fox shows such as ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ and ‘MasterChef.'” Last fiscal year, after entering the U.S. restaurant market, his company nearly doubled its losses.