Hedge Fund Managers Plot Republican Takeover in Connecticut Cabal

Managers at several high-profile hedge funds met with Republicans Monday night to draw up some strategy ideas for the upcoming midterm elections, according to a report by wordily-named hedge fund trade mag AR: Absolute Return + Alpha.

Citing a “person familiar with the event,” AR says SAC Capital Advisors’ Steve Cohen convened the meeting at his Greenwich, Conn., abode. Caxton Associates’ Bruce Kovner,  Elliott Management’s Paul Singer, Rosemont Capital’s Daniel Senor got together with some Republican operatives to talk November strategy, including how to spend campaign contributions. Elliott is the biggest hedge-fund donor to Republicans for the 2010 election, having given 97% of its $1.1 million in campaign contributions to the Grand Old Party.

None of the three hedge men, all big-time Republican donors this year, would comment to AR about the meeting. That’s especially unsurprising when it comes to Singer, whose fund recently took legal action against the magazine, demanding that it reveal the source that leaked its June 30 letter to investors.