His Aim is True: Elvis Costello & Bret Easton Ellis

aim true His Aim is True: Elvis Costello & Bret Easton EllisElvis Costello imitates Bret Easton Ellis in Rolling Stone:

I walked into a bar, Bret was standing there. He looked disinterested. I took some more cocaine. He didn’t look any better. I had another vodka. The vodka didn’t make me feel any happier, so I switched on MTV. I wanted to fuck Blaine, but Blaine didn’t want to fuck me, so I called up Judy, she came over. She gave Blaine a blow job. I fell asleep. I woke up, I felt disinterested.

Not bad!

25 years later, Bret Easton Ellis imitates Elvis Costello Imitating Bret Easton Ellis in Rolling Stone:

Oh yeah, Bret comes up to me in a restaurant in Beverly Hills. His friend is drunk, he offers me a line, we go into the bathroom. Then Bret goes out and blows his friend. I watch, I’m bored. 

Also not bad!

Thus did Elvis Costello’s hurtful words teach Bret Easton Ellis the power of language.

[“Bret Easton Ellis in Australia“, The Awl]

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