Hold On to Your Heads and Purses at West Side Nightclubs

At 3:20 a.m. on August 8th, West Village police responded to a call from Tenjune nightclub–noted in the police report as “10 June”–on Little West 12th Street after a female clubgoer struck another patron with her high heel. The 31-year-old victim from Yonkers claims that 24-year-old Vera Gjokaj took off her spiky shoe and hit her on the forehead, causing a serious laceration. The reason for this act of violence was not explained. Ms. Gjokaj is being charged with assault in the second degree.

Crimes were also reported at two other West Side nightclubs earlier this month.

The same night of the high-heel attack, a male patron at the Griffin nightclub, where Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel was once employed, struck his co-worker on the left side of his head with a drinking glass, causing multiple lacerations. The victim says the incident occurred after a verbal argument with his attacker. A female patron, who witnessed the incident, approached the glass-wielding perp, who smacked her across the face with his right hand and fled outside the nightclub. He was arrested a short while later.

Finally, on Friday, August 13, the Villager reports that a 21-year-old visitor from Sweden was leaving 1 Oak nightclub on West 17th Street around 1 a.m. when she discovered that her wallet was missing. The victim said she lost her Swedish credit cards, an ID, and $90 in cash.