Horrible Scientist Makes Young People Turn Off Phones and Stare Into Each Other's Eyes

As you may have heard, the internet and iPhones and everything are ruining our ability to think about hard stuff and interact with our fellow humans.

The Guardian‘s John Harris talked to the scientists who study such problems. Dr. Gary Small of UCLA, for example, said that he sometimes tries to “retrain” his technology-addled students:

“When I go to colleges and talk to students, I have them do one of our face-to-face human contact exercises: ‘Turn to someone next to you, preferably someone you don’t know, turn off your mobile device.’ One person talks and the other one listens, and maintains eye contact. That’s very powerful. One pair of kids started dating after they’d done it.”

Dr. Gary Small apparently does not realize that avoiding conversations is a carefully honed skill, not a disability.