In Deed! An AIG Chairman Buys on Fifth; Mad Man Does, Too

— David Dabill, founder of advertising firm Toy and “a native New Yorker accidentally born in Fargo, North Dakota” (it happens), has just bought a seventh-floor apartment at 105 Fifth Avenue, the former home of fluoro-loving Democratic Leadership Council chairman Harold Ford Jr. Mr. Dabill, who bought the $1.3 million loft space with JWT chief strategic officer Robin Bardolia, is one of the architects behind the Kindle’s commercial success and that Elf Yourself video your friends all sent you last Christmas.  

— AIG (that’s Alternative Investment Group) chairman Stewart Greenfield, who apparently “divides his time between environmental activities and hedge fund investing,” closed earlier this week on a $4.2 million apartment at 1016 Fifth Avenue, one of CityRealty’s top 10 Fifth Avenue buildings. The ornately decorated home comes with its own library and wet bar and overlooks Central Park and Museum Mile.

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