Is the New York Post to Blame for Taxi Cab Slashing?

After no fewer than three frontpages aimed at stirring up outrage over the “ground zero mosque,” yesterday the New York Post called Michael Enright — the man who slashed taxi driver Ahmed H. Sharif with a Leatherman pocket knife — a “disgrace.”

“I agree with the New York Post. We had some really great anti-Muslim rancor going in this country and this guy had to turn it ugly,” said Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report last night. “I mean, our Islamophobia was so measured and civil.”

Hamilton Nolan made the same point on Gawker yesterday. “Oh, the New York Post thinks that guy who slashed a cabbie just for being a Muslim is a ‘Disgrace,'” he wrote. “That would only be ironic if the NYP had somehow helped foster a hysterical anti-Muslim environment in our city recently.”

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