Jonathan Ames’ Bed Costs Twice as Much as His Rent

Brooklyn writer Jonathan Ames got a write-up in the Post‘s real estate section today: he lives in a 850-square-foot Boerum Hill one-bedroom for which he pays $1400 a month. His bed, the Post notes, cost $3000.

His HBO series Bored to Death seems to have gone a long way toward furnishing the place. The show’s carpenters built Ames’ bookshelves “as a favor”; HBO gave him a TV. And:

A framed black-and-white photograph of the notoriously alcoholic, womanizing poet and novelist Charles Bukowski hangs above his desk.

“That portrait was going to hang on the set of a writer’s office in ‘Bored to Death’ this year,” Ames explains. “I thought it was too spot on, but I liked it, so I took it home.”