Landfill Overlord Appreciates His Dump's New Top Notes

The story of one small landfill’s attempts to make itself less smelly–by trucking in deodorant and spraying it onto heaps of garbage–has sure been making the rounds on the Internet. Yes, the dumps of New Jersey are smelly, and New Jersey is, in general, a dreary, shopping-plaza-filled landscape. But we’d like offer a small defense of the overlooked hero of the story, landlord overlord Richard Fitamant. Why? He is clearly a student of esteemed perfume critic Chandler Burr, and he shows that even the executive director of the Middlesex County Utilities Authority can enjoy the wonders of good smells.

He describes the deodorizing agent thusly: “It has a pleasant, showery smell. It’s not offensive and it’s not overpowering. It’s a light scent.” It’s a far cry from Burr’s purple prose in T magazine, where he describes Hermès’ latest women’s perfume as “the milky scent of an infant’s breath.” We swoon. But this landfill man is on his way to great things, and great scents. We think the Times ought to get Mr. Burr and Mr. Fitamant acquainted as soon as possible, preferably by putting the critic on-assignment to determine the landfill’s new top notes. The Gray Lady used to have a whole New Jersey section, after all.