Literature Be Damned, We Live in a Golden Age of the List

Anis Shivani’s provocative list of “The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary American Writers”  has successfully provoked 1,605 comments on The Huffington Post. It has also provoked outrage from Jezebel (“Literary Critic Hates Vaginas, ‘Ghetto Volume’“), earnest counterpoints from Publishers Weekly (“Here are the top 15 Underrated Writers“), and even appreciation from abroad: “Whether or not you agree with him, it’s hard not to admire Anis Shivani’s balls,” writes Alison Flood of The Guardian. “I’m still chuckling at his Sharon Olds takedown.”

Shivani promises “similar lists for the past century of American writers, and the most overrated and underrated global writers.”

This much is certain: Whatever the state of American literature, the American list is doing GREAT.