Media Monday, Situation Usual: Newsweek's Loss is National Journal's Gain; Two Departures at Forbes

Yet another person is leaving Newsweek. Yet another awesome hire has been made by the National Journal. And more veterans are leaving Forbes. In other words, Media Monday: situation usual.

Newsweek Washington Web editor Michael Hirsh is joining the National Journal as a chief correspondent, covering “the critical intersection of economic policy, foreign policy, and politics,” according to a release. “You can’t be a big-picture, high-impact media organization without a big-picture, high-impact writer and reporter,” said National Journal editor Ron Fournier.  Sure! Is it getting exhausting to think of something nice and personalized for everyone who he’s hiring? We wonder.

Forbes online managing editor Carl Lavin is leaving after nearly three years, according to Joe Pompeo. Mr. Lavin follows Paul Maidment, former editor-in-chief of the website, and William Baldwin, former editor of the magazine, who have both left their posts since the arrival of chief product officer Lewis D’Vorkin at Forbes this summer. Michael Roston, who came to Forbes with Mr. D’Vorkin during the True/Slant deal is also leaving to work for The New York Times. “You can expect big things from the Forbes team,” he wrote on his personal blog.