Moe Tkacik Leaving New York to Blog for Washington City Paper

Founding Jezebel editor Moe Tkacik, who left the blog for Radar in 2008, is leaving New York City to start a blog for the Washington City Paper. Ms. Tkacik reflected on her career for Columbia Journalism Review earlier this summer.

“So I wrote what I know, or rather what I’ve learned, which could be summed up this way,” she wrote.

[W]hen the Internet forced journalism to compete economically after years of monopoly, journalism panicked and adopted some of the worst examples of the nothing-based economy, in which success depends on the continued infantilization of both supply and demand. At the same time, journalism clung to its myths of objectivity and detachment, using them to dismiss the emerging blogger threat as something unserious and fundamentally parasitic, even as it produced a steady stream of obsessive but sneering trend stories on the blogosphere.