More Departures: Evan Thomas Leaves Newsweek for the Academic Life

Veteran Newsweek staffer Evan Thomas is leaving the magazine to turn a life at Princeton and book writing, Michael Calderone reports today. Mr. Thomas is currently working on one on Dwight Eisenhower, and when you add that in with Jonathan Alter and Jon Meacham, the Newsweek staff of the last few years very well might have half the U.S. president bios covered within a few years.

Mr. Thomas told Mr. Calderone that he had been considering this move for a while, but that merely sounds like cover at a time when no one wants to the lement the state of Newsweek when they’ve all got a bunch of friends still hanging out there.

And so, the departures keep multiplying at the magazine. Now we’ve got:

Jon Meacham

Evan Thomas

Michael Isikoff

Mark Coatney (the tumblr guy)

Ramin Setoodeh (the gays can’t play straights guy)

And several others!