Morning Read: Ground Zero Mosque Before Landmarks Commission

Bill de Blasio extracted a pledge from Goldman Sachs not to spend on political advertising.

Areas of dispute in the New York–New Jersey relationship: Governor’s Island. The Port Authority. Snooki.

A White House spokesman says Obama is not going to put his thumb on the scale in the Rangel trial.

Connecticut governor Jodi Rell took 15 NY-based hedge fund managers out to a fancy dinner to lure their companies across the border.

Despite the budget meltdown, both Democrats and Republicans held their annual golf fundraisers.

The Ground Zero Mosque goes before the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Rick Lazio is slated to attend.

The WSJ has a good pundit round-up.

The head of Gov. Paterson’s security detail is being transferred in the wake of the Kaye Report.

Paterson says he has been “stopped and frisked” three times.

Pedro Espada demands a federal probe of Gustavo Rivera.

Daniel Halloran calls for a full-time City Council.

Republicans regained the edge in a generic ballot.

The New Yorker examines Senate dysfunction.

Every reporter for Forbes will be required to have a blog.

The Superdelegates are staying.

Morning Read: Ground Zero Mosque Before Landmarks Commission