"MySpace Killer" Gets a Facelift

3-2-1…blastoff? After months of anticipation (fed by Tweets, postings on Facebook, entries on the site’s blog) a new something called Virb is set to launch today.

It’s actually a new iteration of of Virb°, which was previously a social networking site (somewhere along the way it seems to have lost the degrees symbol, a smart move since no one can type it). When the platform originally launched in February 2007, it was compared to other social networking apps like MySpace. Certain over-excitable members of the blogosphere were even calling it a possible “MySpace killer.”

The original Virb, launched by the same people behind the super-slick music site PureVolume, featured neat tools like iTunes integration and highly customizable profiles. But when that hopeful moniker didn’t pan out (MySpace may be dying a slow death but with no help from Virb), the developers decided to make some changes. The new webhosting application — led by a six-person, New-York based team —will let users build their own, personalized websites using themes that Virb provides. Users will be able to store photos, play music and create unique profiles without relying on preset social networking pages that offer less room for individual expression. And the site has teamed up with Mobile Roadie to allow users to create their own mobile apps.

Though the Virb team assures us the site will launch today, such promises have been popping up all summer. “The big launch is exactly a week away, and things are rather crazy,” wrote Brad Smith, Virb’s co-founder and CEO, in an e-mail to Observer.com on July 28. And according to the site’s blog, the original launch date was indeed, an emphatic August 4th. “Virb is not an answer to those seeking a Facebook alternative or a better-looking MySpace,” according to the blog. “Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are awesome tools and we use them every day at Virb. We don’t want to compete with them anymore.” Good thing, since it’ll cost users $10 per month to sign up for a Virb account.