Naomi Campbell and the Case of “Dirty-Looking Stones”

Supermodel Naomi Campbell testified in The Hague today at the trial of Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia, about whether she once received blood diamonds from the leader, according to the New York Times

Ms. Campbell testified that 13 years ago she was at a dinner with Nelson Mandela and Mr. Taylor in South Africa. Afterward, when she had retreated to her room, two men came to her door and handed her a pouch containing “very small, dirty-looking stones.” One of them said, “a gift for you,” Ms. Campbell recalled. She said the men did not say their names or who the sent her the gift.

The next morning, at breakfast, it was either the supermodel’s agent or the actress Mia Farrow (set to testify later) that told her the gift was diamonds. “I guess so,” Ms. Campbell recalled saying. She gave the stones to a friend working for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, who has not been located. According to prosecutors, Ms. Campbell  has been an “uncooperative witness.” She was subpoenaed to testify.