New York Will Ignore Your Calls: State Lags Behind in Cell Phone Use

When it comes to cell phone use, New Yorkers are more likely than the rest of the nation to keep the thing in their pants. The Post reports that the Empire State ranked 15th for number of total calls per resident, and near the very bottom in the average duration of calls, according to the data derived from an analysis of 60,000 wireless bills conducted by Nielsen Co. The average call in New York last only 3.7 minutes, significantly shorter than the conversations taking place in some Southern and Midwestern states.

The disparity between the state’s total-calls ranking and its call-length ranking demonstrates the city’s fondness for brevity—a good sign, with it being the soul of wit and everything. “The data support the idea that we have a lot to say, but we say it in a very efficient manner,” Nielsen telecom CEO Jonathan Carson told the Post.