Pat Kiernan Sleeps Twice A Day

0824pat Pat Kiernan Sleeps Twice A DayNew York One anchor Pat Kiernan sleeps about three to four hours per night, according to an article in the New York Post this morning.

“I don’t know whether the ‘3-4 hours a night’ scoreboard next to my name is supposed to be a badge of honor, but I want to make it clear that I do usually add another two hours to that with my afternoon nap,” Mr. Kiernan wrote on his Pat’s Papers blog this morning, even though he’s on vacation.

Each afternoon Mr. Kiernan puts on pajamas and naps for two hours, according to the Post. He also doesn’t drink coffee. These two lifestyle choices allow Mr. Kiernan to get to Chelsea Market every morning to put together his morning broadcast at 4 a.m without spoiling everyone’s impression that he’s a cheery Canadian who enjoys chocolate chip cookies from Duane Reade and has nothing to hide.

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