Program: What We Love This Week (August 11-16)

The summer is flying by, and you really have to ask yourself: Have you had your fill of excitement for the season? Please turn your attention this weekend to the Rental Car Rally: NY to Raleigh. Gather a team (of unlimited size), find a car (doesn’t have to be a rental) and spend the weekend boozing and gallivanting your way down to Raleigh. (Why Raleigh? Who can say?) Checkpoints include an abandoned mining town and, according to the event’s Web site, an “incest-friendly” strip club. Tickets range in price, and the more expensive ones pay for a hotel suite in Raleigh and a stripper. Winner gets a golden gas pump and cash. We swear we had a dream once that went just like this (Friday-Sunday, Aug.13-15, $179-$2,999). For less adrenaline-fueled adventure, check out the Prospect Park Moonlight Ride. “If you want to race, this is NOT the ride for you,” says the event’s Web site. Bring your bike to Grand Army Plaza for the mellowest Saturday night of your summer (Saturday, Aug. 14, 9 p.m., free). If even bike-riding is too intense, head over to the Little Mexico Walking Tour in Jackson Heights. It won’t be hard to imagine you’re in another country when you’re trekking through an outer borough (Saturday, Aug. 14, noon, $15). And for purely imaginary adventure, there’s the (geek alert!) Comic Book Club at the Peoples Improv Theater. We’re pretty sure that with this one, there shouldn’t be bodily harm (Tuesday, Aug. 17, 8pm, $5).

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