Schneiderman Rolls Out Policy Agenda

Eric Schneiderman is out today with a comprehensive, almost Cuomo-esque policy agenda that runs 60 pages and is over 22,500 words long.

The plan, called, “A Blueprint for Economic Fairness, Social Justice & Real Reform in New York State,” features an expansive vision for an office that has grown in mandate and prominence since Eliot Spitzer took it over in 1999 and outlines how the attorney general can protect consumers, save the environment, and hunt down corrupt public officials.

“As these detailed reform proposals demonstrate, I will fight for progressive justice every day on behalf of hardworking New Yorkers,” Schneiderman says in a statement. “As Attorney General, I will stand up to powerful special interests, insist that corporations play by the rules, and follow investigations wherever the facts lead – independent of political considerations.”

The plan also contains the first health care policy proscription from any attorney general candidate, and calls for an “innocence office” dedicated to overturning wrongful convictions.

In the booklet, Schneiderman promises to go micro, launching investigations into government employees who falsify timesheets or reimbursement requests without seeking the permission of the defrauded agency in question.

The booklet comes out just as the attorney general’s race seems to have reached a new level of intensity. Yesterday, Sean Coffey announced the endorsement of a slew of Brooklyn electeds, Richard Brodsky unveiled a plan to help households lower energy costs, and Kathleen Rice garnered the endorsement of Assemblywoman Grace Meng.


Schneiderman AG Agenda Book One

Schneiderman Rolls Out Policy Agenda