Seton Hall Says 'I Do' to Gay Marriage Course, Upsetting Grumpy Newark Archdiocese

Seton Hall Pirates eager to sign up for this semester’s course on gay marriage, your prayers have been answered! Despite the efforts of Newark Archbishop John J. Myers to shut down “The Politics of Gay Marriage,” a seminar at the university about the issue’s history as a idealogical issue and subject of legislation (sounds like a gut—just sayin’…), the class will go on as scheduled. The syllabus has been sent to students, the course is listed on Seton Hall’s online schedule, and there’s even a real classroom for it. 

When South Orange’s best and brightest file into their seats next week, it will be something of a defeat for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark. Myers has been visibly fighting the presence of such a course at New Jersey’s largest Catholic university, the Star-Ledger reports.

James Goodness, a spokesman for the Newark archbishop, said he had not heard of any final decision on the class. But Myers continues to believe the gay marriage course is “not in sync with Catholic teaching,” Goodness said.

The professor, W. King Mott, is one of the rare openly gay professors at Seton Hall. He’s fought battles over gay rights before: in 2005, he lost his post as associate dean after publishing a letter in the Star-Ledger attacking the Catholic Church’s stand on homosexuality. 

The class will also feature guest speakers to “share their personal stories,” and will take place at the school’s Jubilee Hall, in case you want to show up. Hey, you can always audit it!