Suzy Menkes Notes a Return to 'Bosoms'

suzy menkes Suzy Menkes Notes a Return to 'Bosoms'Here are the words for “breasts” that Suzy Menkes uses in her T article “Asset Management,” an 811-word exercise in elegant variation:

– “bust”

– “bosoms”

– “twin peaks”

– “rounded countours”

– “the figure”

– “the bust”

– “curvy bodices”

– “curves”

– “cleavage”

– “rounded bosoms”

– “breasts”

– “womanly shape”

– “a shelf that the French unblushingly call a balcon, or balcony”

– “the figure”

– “the upper body”

– “bosoms”

– “chests”

– “bosoms”

– “ripe fruit”

– “chests”

– “bust line”

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