Turncoats in the Capital! Michael Shear Leaves Washington Post For The New York Times

After nearly 20 years, White Houser reporter Michael Shear is leaving the Washington Post to join The New York Times as a lead writer for The Caucus Blog.

Michael Calderone reports:

He’s one of nearly a dozen Post reporters to decamp to the Times in recent years, following such high-profile scribes as Peter Baker, Mark Leibovich and Anthony Shadid. Some Washington journalists have moved in the opposite direction, too, and the Post tried recruiting a few other Times staffers earlier this year.

It’s the second shakeup in as many days in the James S. Brady Press Briefing room, after Major Garett left his place as Fox News’ White House man to join the National Journal yesterday. Also yesterday, The Times political blogs enjoyed the introduction of numbers man Nate Silver.