Tweeting After Midnight: Andy Roddick Gets FatBoothed With John Legend

Thirsty Thursday created its fair share of thrilling tweets. Now we shall enjoy them on this Summer Friday. Here we go:

  • The always promotional Andy Cohen shills for his Real Housewives of D.C. series. It’s deeper than you think? Right.
  • Fellow Bravo spokeswoman Alex McCord was awake till 3am writing blogs. We saw her and Simon out earlier in the night at a U.S. Open-related event getting her drink on.
  • Also at the event were Andy Roddick and John Legend, who apparently enjoyed FatBooth together. (FatBooth is an iPhone app that makes your face look 100 to 200 pounds fatter.) Brooklyn Decker (Roddick’s wife) wasn’t there, but she noticed the shenanigans that occurred. This happened before midnight, but I thought it ought to be shared.
  • Social-media expert Rachel Sklar retweeted a funny comment about fashion faux pas.
  • Idiosyncratic punctuater 50 Cent was tweeting up a storm, as is his wont. The two best ones: he rages against a “funky bitch,” and then he calms down.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Follow the Observer on Twitter, please. Thanks.