Tweeting After Midnight: The Death Star's People Rage Against the Ke$ha Machine

Each night after 12pm, media gadflies, PR powerhouses, and free-wheeling celebrities take to Twitter, where they express their deepest and most intimate thoughts. Here’s our take on what got tweeted last night.

  • Former Anakin (and future Darth Vader) Hayden Christensen’s fake Twitter account was abuzz with activity (that was later deleted? we have screengrabs), including “revelations” that he’s gay, narcissistic, gay and narcissistic, and just plain inarticulate. (We know it’s fake because we e-mailed Hayden’s PR people last week to let him know about this account. They said Hayden didn’t tweet.)
  • Speaking of the Dark Side, the Death Star’s PR team is pissed at Ke$ha.
  • Speaking of Ke$ha, PARTY.
  • Speaking of PARTY, that’s what Olympic skating queen Johnny Weir has been doing with Rachel Zoe boo Brad Goreski. 
  • The Daily News‘ Gatecrasher co-columnist Carson Griffith was asked by a mysteriously savvy fellow on a 2am coffee date. What an item.
  • Former Gawker darling and current NonSociety entrepreneur Julia Allison eats dinner late. Ambivalent.

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