Weiner Rounds Out His Anger Victory Lap With a Times Op-Ed

Last week, Anthony Weiner was angry, and on the floor of the House of Representatives, no less. Then, he explained his anger on Fox News, accompanied by Peter King, the subject of his anger. Next, he went on Morning Joe where his well-known anger had Mika Brzezinski warning viewers that they may want to turn down their sets.

Today, he has an op-ed in The Times, titled “Why I Was Angry.”

“I love the House of Representatives and its rules, and I was careful to respect regular order,” he clarifies. “But I believe sometimes we mistakenly assume you can’t follow those rules and also say what you think, forcefully.”

He goes on to make a level-headed case for his anger, defending Democratic tactics, which were criticized by the mayor, as a way of passing the bill as quickly as possible. 

This op-ed would seem to be the last stop on the post-explosion press tour. It’s fair to assume that there are very few people left who don’t yet understand his rage on this issue.  

“I’m still angry,” he warns at the end of the column. Stay tuned!