What Did I Do?! New York Post Columnist Ejected from Barclays Tournament

Andrea Peyser was embedded at The Barclays Tournament in Paramus, New Jersey last week, until she got kicked out. “I was booted from The Barclays tournament in Jersey like a used bimbo,” she wrote in the Post this morning.

She explained that she was ejected after she kept asking Tiger Woods if he still loved his former wife at a press conference. Everybody else thought the golf was more important. “Tiger and his enablers don’t like to admit he’s a public figure and a role model who behaved like a slippery politician. So I treated him as such,” she wrote.

Apparently she was causing a scene all over the place. The Associated Press reports that on Mr. Woods’ first hole, Ms. Peyser walked onto the fairway with her notepad to ask him a question after his approach shot. “She had never been to a golf tournament and was not aware that reporters were to stay by the ropes,” according to the AP.