Working At Twitter Is Like Being in a Wes Anderson Movie

Twitter employees made a video that plays like a sequence from Rushmore. Aw. The Los Angeles Times wrote:

Twitter originally set out to make a recruiting video that would show off the personality of Twitter and the people who work there.

“In typical Twitter fashion, along the way it became something way more fun,” spokesman Matt Graves said.

“Meet the Class of Twitter HQ” runs through a sequence similar to one in “Rushmore” showing Twitter employees with deadpan expressions engaged in various activities: “mobile,” “research,” “gardening,” (gardening?) and “twideokinetics” accompanied by the British Invasion band the Creation’s “Making Time.”

Be sure to note the girl who looks like she’s trying to be Richie Tenenbaum.

We always knew there was something melancholy about those birds. Now we’re positive that if they talked they would sound like Jason Schwartzman.