Your Used Copy of Blink: Worth Zero to Five Dollars

As all who have schlepped a bag of rejects to Beacon’s Closet know, attempting to sell one’s old stuff can be a disappointing excercise.

New York offers readers a guide to what they can expect to earn, for books at least. The magazine brought The Sun Also Rises, Blink, and The Imperfectionists to seven used bookstores plus eBay to see what they would fetch. The results are illuminating, particularly if you’ve got some Malcolm Gladwell you’re looking to unload: Blink went for $5.25 at Shakespeare & Co. and a mere $0.50 on eBay, while two bookstores (Spoonbill & Sugartown, Westsider) took a pass entirely.

The Strand, meanwhile, offers a conservative $1, $1, and $4 for the three books. We hope they didn’t lowball the David Markson collection.