60 Minutes’ ‘Mosque’ Report Pretty Much What You’d Expect

Scott Pelley arrived at Ground Zero last night as promised. He cast his camera about the Park51 site for a little over 12 minutes and left. The initial take was a bit eye-rolling — “For the first time, see the key plans and hear from the key players…” Uh, been there, done that. — but by the end of the segment, as only 60 Minutes can, the whole thing was wrapped up like a fine prayer rug. Like when ex-Observer Pamela Geller responds to Pelley’s assertion that she’s been demonized, “Absolutely, yes,” and then smiles devilishly. Or when Imam Feisal admits he would gladly be the first to perish in the next terrorist attack to save Pelley’s life. Pelley concludes, “The mosque near Ground Zero is a fact — the only question is whether the community center will go forward.” Maybe this will be the final chapter on the Park51 saga after all. Watch for yourself and decide.

mchaban [at] observer.com / @mc_nyo