After Brief Exposure to Light, Anna Wintour Puts Shades Back On at Derek Lam

“I can’t believe this many people are here this early on a Sunday,” one of the assistants said before the Derek Lam show, which was scheduled for 10:00 this morning.

“Well, for Fashion Week—it’s only once a year,” said the guest standing next to The Observer. (What, fashion people aren’t the churchgoing type?)

Indeed, The Stage at Lincoln Center was packed, regardless of the hour and day. Rashida Jones, in the front row, had on Clubmasters and bright red lipstick. Leighton Meester, last seen at the Chanel opening talking about how boring she is because she loves staying in on her couch, sat across the runway. Vogue editrix Anna Wintour was also present and, for some reason, she was braving the show with denuded eyes — she had removed her sunglasses from her face. 

Thank god, she put them back on upon the start of the show, when a flush of white light burst into the space. And with the lights came the music: Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” which — despite the title’s invocation of moonlight — seemed so appropriate for this Sunday morning. As soon as the first lilting piano notes hit, the crowd let out a collective ah

Unfortunately, the intoxicating combination of the sumptuous Derek Lam collection and the French composer’s best-known piece disappeared after we stepped outside to find the weather drizzly and gray. Oh, well — that’s what Paris is like in the fall, right?