Alison Brie Would Dress Her Community Character in Lela Rose

At Charlotte Ronson‘s show yesterday, we ran into Alison Brie, who was enthusiastic about Ms. Ronson’s grunge-revival designs. “The music and everything kind of sent you to that era as you’re watching those clothes go by,” Ms. Brie said (the music: plucked straight from ’95 college radio by Ms. Ronson’s sister Samantha; the designs: nose rings, slouchy florals, knit caps). 

Ms. Brie, of course, acts on the two best shows on television — Community, as Annie Edison, and Mad Men, as Trudy Campbell — and when we asked her which designers best epitomized her characters’ styles, she thought hard. “That’s such an intense question!” she said. “You know, Annie actually wears some Milly. Lela Rose, actually, I feel like is a … more mature Annie type of thing. Like Annie in five years is going to be wearing Lela Rose all the time. Mad Men, you know, it’s kind of hard because it’s its own thing. I feel like Michael Kors was actually designing some stuff that’s along that beat. I’d love to assign DVF to everything because she’s so fabulous.”

“Wouldn’t you just love to be dressed in Diane Von Furstenberg all the time and call it work?”