Allen Ginsberg's Old East Village Apartment Rented, Inhabited

The one-bedroom place Allen Ginsberg lived in for decades has been snapped up by a lucky new tenant, and they’ve already moved in. The walk-up at 437 East 12th Street — which boasted both a reasonable $1,700-a-month rent and close proximity to nine Starbucks locations — is no longer available. The new inhabitant for the place broke in the new digs yesterday, realtor Daniel Kramp told The Observer. “It was on the market for maybe, like, five hours,” Kramp said.

Ginsberg lived in the apartment for over two decades with his long-time partner Peter Orlovsky, and a who’s who of downtown writers and musicians were known to stop by. A commenter on the Village blog EV Grieve mentioned that the apartment, in its prime, hosted the likes of Bob Dylan, William S. Burroughs, and Bad Brains. Such illustrious guests will probably refrain from stopping by now that someone besides Ginsberg and Orlovsky occupies the place, but you never know. Feel free to walk by and gawk.