Arrested at Ashe! Long Island Accountant Caught Scalping More Than 300 Tickets

As the first week of Open play winds down, Flushing Meadows is looking more and more like the rest of Queens. Mets fans are getting into fights in the upper deck. Long Island accoutants are hustling people out of their money.

Last night a fight in section 187 stopped play during Novak Djokovic’s match against Phillip Petzschner on center court (the older man who fell down the stairs and ended up in a wheelchair after the fight was wearing a Mets hat). And earlier this week, according to the Daily News, a man was arrested for attempting to scalp more than $10,000 worth of tickets.

Marvin Schaffer, a 61-year-old accountant from Long Island, was picked up by police near the will-call booth outside of Ashe. He had $10,000 worth of tickets with him in a black handbag.

Mr. Shaffer faces 180 days in jail. His  lawyer told the Daily News that “this is all a case of a big misunderstanding.”