At G-Star Raw’s Runway Show, Tinsley Mortimer Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Her Beau

In the front row at the G-Star Raw runway show yesterday, Tinsley Mortimer clearly enjoyed herself — though whether she was happier with the clothes or with a chance to show off her boyfriend, Brian Mazza, is unclear. Ms. Mortimer and Mr. Mazza, who has been variously described as a “hospitality executive,” “gatekeeper,” and “nightlife guy,” smiled and laughed together throughout the show, and Ms. Mortimer spent much of it clutching Mr. Mazza’s white Chuck Taylor.

After the show, we caught up with Ms. Mortimer, whom we hadn’t seen all summer. “I was in Southampton, actually, for the most part,” she said, introducing The Observer to Mr. Mazza. “This is Brian — he works at Dune in the summer, and so we were out every weekend.”

Ms. Mortimer wore a G-Star vest to the show; and if you’re wondering what you might be seeing her in next season, she told us she was especially impressed with a “little leather dress that was really cute, a light color, beige color, and then there was a little skirt-and-vest number that was white.” Now you know!