Back to School Advice From Anthony Weiner: Get a Kindle

In a Daily News op-ed today, Congressman Anthony Weiner pitched the idea of buying an e-reader for every public school student.  To hear him tell it, the device would solve multiple problems in the classroom and usher in an era of futuristic super-education, but those who have been following the e-reader wars know that it’s not quite as black-and-white as that.

He claims the device would lighten the backpack load of schoolchildren (definitely), solve the problem of outdated textbooks (could be), individualize education (unclear), and not break (unlikely). Most dubious is his claim that e-readers would certainly save parents money, as e-book pricing is by no means settled. He also takes the opportunity to mention the mayor‘s iPad, twice.

Maybe he’s right and this trendy, unsolicited opinion is about more than making waves! Princeton students really hated their Kindle pilot program, though.

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