Barbara Boxer Aide Has “Leafy Green Substance” Incident

Marcus Stanley, an aide to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), ran afoul of Capitol Police on Tuesday when he tried to hide a “leafy green substance” as he went through security at the Hart Senate Office Building. Politico reports:

Police confiscated the substance, which later tested positive for marijuana, and Stanley quickly resigned.

“Marcus Stanley is no longer with this office,” Boxer spokesman Zachary Coile told POLITICO. “He submitted his resignation, and Sen. Boxer accepted it because his actions yesterday were wrong and unacceptable.

That’s the end of what has been a 3-year career for Stanley on Capitol Hill.

It could have been worse–Politico notes that a previous Boxer staffer, Jeffrey Rosato, was arrested for receiving and distributing child porn in 2008.


Barbara Boxer Aide Has “Leafy Green Substance” Incident