Betsey Johnson Misquotes Lou Gehrig, Watches Own Show at Own After Party

“Betsey likes to watch her shows,” someone said as The Observer first entered the lounge on a upper level of the Hudson Hotel’s Good Units. The club had attracted a crowd to the Betsey Johnson after party last night, and some of them were plopped down on couches to watch tape of new collection that had made its debut on the runway at Lincoln Center just hours before. Betsey herself logged a fair amount of time in front of the screen, too. Hey, it makes sense: football coaches spend hours watching tape of their teams’ games, so why can’t a fashion designer do the same?

Later, Betsey stepped behind the DJ and got ready to address the crowd. She gave a personal shout-out to Kelly Osbourne, who was at the party (Yes, she looked skinny). And despite a slight misfire when making an extended allusion to Lou Gehrig — she stumbled over the famous “luckiest man on the face of the earth” line — the sentiment came across just fine. 

“You make my dreams come truuuuue!” she yelled into the mic. “Now, any questions? Let’s talk.”