Blair Cancels London Book Signing Amid Protests, Shoe-Throwing

The book tour for A Journey, the tell-all memoir from former British PM Tony Blair, is not exactly going according to plan. Upon arriving in Dublin to meet fans and sign copies of the highly anticipated book, Blair found the event swarmed by anti-war protestors wielding items such as shoes and eggs. These items soon went airborne in Blair’s direction, CNN reported. 

In the wake of the footwear-throwing and egg-tossing, Blair decided yesterday to cancel the tour’s stop in London, tempering what was expected to be a similarly cold welcoming. “I’m really sorry for those — as ever the majority — who would have come to have their books signed by me in person,” he said in a statement. “I hope they understand.”

The mob in Dublin showed up to protest Blair’s support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In A Journey, Blair admits that his country’s involvement in Middle East combat was “a mistake.” All proceeds from the memoir will benefit the Royal British Legion, even if copies can’t be bought at book signings.