Bob Iger Pushed David Westin Out of ABC? Now Hiring One Agile Executive!

Just one week after news broke that ABC News president David Westin will be leaving the network at the end of the year, it has become an almost foregone conclusion that he was pushed out by Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Claire Atkinson wrote in the New York Post today that Mr. Iger wanted somebody who was was way less expensive than Mr. Westin and, according to one source, more “agile.” ABC needs somebody who could figure out how to move the dial in the new network television environment with a thinner staff. Somebody younger, perhaps.

Update 2:38 p.m.: Kevin Brockman, a spokesman for Disney-ABC called The Observer, to say Ms. Atkinson’s item was way off. “The New York Post story is patently false,” he said.

Peter Lauria and Lloyd Grove suggested last week that Mr. Westin was leaving the network because of tension with Mr. Iger even though, as they point out, tension between Mr. Westin and Disney-ABC television group chief Anne Sweeney was more talked-about.

Ms. Atkinson notes that ABC marketing chief Mike Benson and, earlier this summer, ABC entertainment chief Steve McPherson are also out the door. All three men were at the network for more than a decade.

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