CBS News is Already Pinched as Network Prepares to Make More Cuts

Another round of layoffs is coming to CBS News this fall, according to The Daily Beast’s Rebecca Dana.

The network is already in tough shape after cutting 100 jobs in February. This summer Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News saw its worst ratings in 20 years. Nobody at the news network has been able to get new business cards since then because the person who handled the orders was cut. Cell phone service has been limited on many producers’ BlackBerries to save extra money (they’ve been told to use text messages instead). Nobody in the office ever hears from CBS news division president Sean McManus anymore. But at least speculation about Ms. Couric’s future at the network is alive and well.

CBS News is defintely not alone. Elsewhere in the media business, USA Today will also be making somewhere around 130 cuts this fall.

Update: Steve Krakauer heard from a CBS spokesperson, who said that Ms. Dana’s speculation is “ridiculous.”